Tektronix FG501

Tektronix FG501 Fuction Generator

Fuction Generator

The Tektronix FG501 is one of our refurbished Function Generators.

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It is intended for use in any of the TM-Series power supplies, such as the TM503. Frequency is adjusted by a decade switch for ranges and dial for X1 to X10. Frequency stability is better than 2% (a function of temperature). Additional offsets of up to ±5 V are accessible. Sinewave distortion is less than 1% and risetime is less than 100 nS on pulses. Triangle and ramp linearity is within ±1%.
Outputs sine, square, triangular, pulse and ramp waveforms from 0.001 Hz to 1 MHz.
Output amplitudes of 15 Vp-p open circuit and 7.5 V into 50-ohms can be obtained
Frequency can also be controlled, over a 1000:1 range, by applying an external input to the VCF connector. .