Tektronix GB1400

Tektronix GB1400 Gigabit Tester

Gigabit Tester

The Tektronix GB1400 is a used Gigabit Tester that has an operating frequency of 1400 MHz and has an internal PLL synthesized clock source.

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The Tektronix GB1400 offers 1 Mbit programmable pattern memory (optional), auto-synchronization, clock/data delay 4 ns, 5 ps resolution, automatic eye-width measurements, ability to reference data input for proprietary framed data, phase synchronous clock and data edge tracking and optional BURST mode operation.

The Tektronix GB1400 was designed for Gigabit LAN testing, sattelite system testing, high-speed circuits and system design, full rate HDDV simulation/testing, manufacturing test in TE environment, GaAs, ECL and optical component testing, test clock recovery circuit and parallel to serial analysis with the Tektronix MB100.
The Tektronix GB1400 can generate PRBS at 2 to the N power(-1) (n: 7, 15, 17, 20, 23)