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Tektronix K18HW-E1

Tektronix K18HW-E1 Probe for 8x Rx/Rx E1

Probe for 8x Rx/Rx E1

The Tektronix K18HW-E1 is one of our refurbished Probes for 8x Rx/Rx E1.

Price: $550.00

Refurbished In Stock


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Tektronix K18HW-E1 Features:

  • 8x RJ-45 ports for 16 E1/DS1/J1 receivers (8x bi-directional links)
  • High-impedance connection
  • RJ-45 connectors with cables to adapt to all standards (Coax, Bantam, RJ-45, open ends)

Supports ATM monitoring:

  • HW-based AAL-2 and AAL-5 Reassembly
  • HW-based Filters (VPI/VCI, UTRAN protocolspecific such as User Plane)
  • IMA Inverse multiplexing for ATM

Supports PCM monitoring:

  • 512 Timeslots
  • HW-Based HDLC Framing
  • HW-based Filters (FISU, FISU duplicates, Retransmitted MSU due to PCR)

The K18 hardware probe, combined with a PC platform, enables customers to minimize acquisition costs and obtain the high-speed performance they need. The K18 probe performs real-time capture under heavy load from UTRAN STM-1/OC-3/GbE interfaces, hardware filtering (such as control plane/user plane, VPI/VCI), and first-level hardware processing (such as RLC/MAC reassembling, UTRANlogical channels auto-configuration).

The Network and Service Analyzer (NSA) software suite combines with high-performing K18 probes to provide a highly-scalable solution for network optimization and troubleshooting. Whether you are analyzing just a few links on a stand-alone probe or performing network-wide analysis in multi-probe environments, K18 and NSA scales to meet your needs.

An external PC runs the NSA software. The PC is also connected via a switch to multiple K18 probes. For highly accurate time synchronization a dedicated sync cable is required. Multiple K18 probes can be daisychained for the purpose of time synchronization.