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Tektronix P5050B Used

Tektronix P5050B 500 MHz Passive Voltage Probe

500 MHz Passive Voltage Probe

The Tektronix P5050B is one of our refurbished 500 MHz Passive Voltage Probes.

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Tektronix P5050B Features:

  • 500 MHz probe bandwidth
  • Large input impedance at the probe tip (10 Ohm, 8pF)
  • 10X attenuation factor
  • 300 v CAT II input voltage
  • Compact probe head for probing small geometry circuit elements
  • Small probe body for enhanced visibility to the Device-Under-Test
  • Replaceable probe tip cartridges
  • Large accessory set for versatile connectivity


  • P6139B and P5050B feature the TekProbe interface for direct BNC connection for oscilloscopes with 1 M? inputs.
  • Integrated oscilloscope and probe measurement systems feature intelligent communication that automatically scales and adjusts units on the oscilloscope display.


  • Low power devices
  • Service
  • Manufacturing engineering
  • Test research and development