Tektronix P5102

Tektronix P5102 100 MHz, Passive High Voltage Oscilloscope Probe

100 MHz, Passive High Voltage Oscilloscope Probe

The Tektronix P5102 is one of our refurbished Passive High Voltage Probes with a 100 MHz Bandwidth.

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The choice for high performance, safe, and affordable measurement of high frequency
and high voltage signals.

The Tektronix P5102 High Voltage Passive Probe can measure high voltage signals in switch-mode power devices and can make a direct connection to bus bars and large bolts without extra wires or awkward adapters.

The Tek P5102 was designed to give you 600 V CATII (float) isolated channel performance for up to 1000 V AC RMS CATII on the 100 MHz probe.

A variety of screw-on accessories provides easy connection to the device under test.

Tektronix P5102 Features:

  • 1000 V Maximum Input Voltage
  • 100 MHz Bandwidth
  • 5 M½ Input Resistance and Reliable Measurements
  • Rugged Probe Head and Accessories for Harsh Environments
  • UL 3111-1 Certified for 1000 V AC RMS (complies with IEC 1010)