Tektronix P6021 Used

Tektronix P6021 120 Hz to 60 MHz, AC Current Probe

120 Hz to 60 MHz, AC Current Probe

The Tektronix P6021 is one of our Refurbished AC Current Probes with a bandwidth of 120 Hz to 60 MHz.

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NIST Calibration Pricing - $135.80

The Tektronix P6021 Current Probe provide versatile AC current measurements. This probe provides accurate current measurements over a wide range of frequencies.

The Tektronix P6021 allows current measurements without breaking the circuit by clipping onto the current carrying conductor. Shielded probe heads are not grounded when the slides are in their open positions, eliminating accidental grounding of the circuit under test.

For general purpose applications, the Tektronix P6021 provides wide-band performance with excellent low-frequency characteristics. Bandwidth is 120 Hz to 60 MHz. The passive termination is switchable from 2 mA/mV to10 mA/mV.  

Tektronix P6021 Features:

  • 120 Hz to 60 MHz
  • 15 A Peak
  • For 1 MO Inputs
  • Shielded Probe Heads
  • AC Only
  • Split Core


  • Motor Drives
  • Inverters
  • Power Supply
  • Avionics