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Tektronix P6117 Used

Tektronix P6117 200 MHz, Passive Voltage Probe

200 MHz, Passive Voltage Probe

The Tektronix P6117 is one of our refurbished 200 MHz, Passive Voltage Probes.

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Tektronix P6117 Features:

  • 10X
  • 200 MHz
  • 300 V
  • CAT II
  • Molded Passive Voltage Probes
  • Single Piece, Molded Rubber Body
  • Lightweight Ergonomic Design
  • 10 Times Improvement in Durability
  • HYBRID/SMT Circuitry on Multi-layer Circuit Board for Improved Performance and Reliability
  • New Stronger Replaceable Probe Tip
  • Safety Certification


  • Mixture of High, Medium and Low Frequency General Purpose Relative Measurements:
  • Engineering and Design
  • Service
  • Manufacturing

The P6117 probe is designed to complement the Tektronix family of portable DSO and ART instruments. The core of each probe's performance is supplied by a Tektronix HYBRID/SMT device.

The instrumentation experience possessed by Tektronix provides an extra margin of quality and reliability to the molded probes that is not commonly available to probe manufacturers. These molded probes have been designed and tested to support the overall system performance and measurement quality that Tektronix oscilloscopes guarantee.