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Tektronix P6339A

Tektronix P6339A 500 MHz, Buffered Passive Oscilloscope Probe

500 MHz, Buffered Passive Oscilloscope Probe

The Tektronix P6339A is one of our used Buffered Passive Probes with a bandwidth of 500 MHz.

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Designed for TEKPROBE® III and TDS 794DThe P6339A 500 MHz Buffered Passive Probe is a revolutionary leap in probe technology. The P6339A’s wide dynamic range makes it ideal for general purpose measurement applications. The new TEKPROBE III interface allows the user to control key probe parameters directly through the oscilloscope’s User Interface.

These parameters include:





  • Input Gain
  • AC/DC Coupling
  • Bandwidth Limiting
  • DC Offset
To facilitate SMD probing, the P6339A comes standard with a set of SureFoot™ adapters. The compact probe head/tip assembly is compatible with the full line of compact accessories.
The P6339A probe is designed exclusively for the TDS 794D and TEKPROBE III instruments.




  • Features:
    • 500 MHz
    • 300 VRMS Maximum Input Voltage
    • 8 pF Input Capacitance
    • 10 MO Input Resistance
    • Scope Controlled Parameters
    • Connects to TEKPROBE™ III Interface Instruments
    • Compact Probe Tip Compatible with a Wide Range of Tektronix Accessories and Adapters
  • Applications:
    • General Purpose
    • Digital Design
    • Power Device Characterization
    • Mixed Signal