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Tektronix PPM100-Factory Refurbished

Tektronix PPM100-Factory Refurbished

Articulated Arm

The Tektronix PPM100-Factory Refurbished is one of our Factory Refurbished Articulated Arms.

List Price: $790.00
Price: $658.56



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The Tektronix PPM100-Factory Refurbished is a low cost probing aid designed to provide quick and easy access to PC boards, hybrid circuitry and many other devices that require hands-free probing.

The Tek PPM100-Factory Refurbished has a flexible "gooseneck" arm allowing multiple adjustment positions. Once positioned the course adjust knobs lock the probe holder into position. A fine adjustment control at the arm head allows further pressure adjustment after the probe is initially positioned.

The spring compliance incorporated into the probe head holder keeps pressure on the probe to circuit, maintaining a superior connection to the device under test.

The PPM100-Factory Refurbished includes both a weighted base for desktop applications and a C-clamp base for attaching to chassis or rack applications.

  • Features:
    • Fully Flexible "Gooseneck" Arm for Different Positions (Locks Securely in Place with Adjustment Control Knob)
    • Fine Adjustment Knob on Probe Holder
    • Spring Compliance in Probe Holder Keeps Pressure at the Probe Point
    • Heavy Base for Desktop Applications or C-clamp for Other (Rack) Applications, Both Included
    • Adaptable to Most Tektronix Probe Types
  • Applications:
    • Research, Electronic Design, Service and Manufacture of Small Geometry Circuitry
      • Fine-pitched Controls to Access Circuitry Such as MCMs, Hybrids and Other IC Technology
      • Multiple Test Points Access Allowing Hands Free Operation