Tektronix RSA3303A

Tektronix RSA3303A 3GHz, Real Time Spectrum Analyzer

3GHz, Real Time Spectrum Analyzer

The Tektronix RSA3303A is one of our refurbished 3GHz, Real Time Spectrum Analyzers.

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Tektronix RSA3303A Features:

  • Bandwidth: 15 MHz
  • Frequency Aging: ±1 x 10-7/year
  • Frequency Stability: 1 x 10-7 (10 ºC to 40 ºC)
  • Total Reference Frequency Error: 2 x 10-7
  • Memory Depth: 16.384 Msamples
  • Modulation Analysis: AM, FM (ASK, FSK), PM
  • Triggering Modes: IF Level; Frequency Mask Trigger and Power
  • Real-Time Spectrum AnalysisProvides Seamless Capture of Time-varying, Transient or Periodic RF Signals Not Possible with Swept Spectrum Analyzers
  • Time-correlated, Simultaneous Views of Time, Frequency and Modulation Domains Provide Greater and Unique Understanding of Signal Behavior
  • Spectrogram Provides a RevealingPicture of RF Signal Frequency and Amplitude Behavior Over Time – Not Possible with a Swept Spectrum Analyzer
  • Frequency Mask Trigger – Available Only from Tektronix – Makes It Easy to Capture Fast, Transient or Intermittent Signals that Swept Spectrum Analyzers Would Miss
  • Spectrum Analyzer Mode for Very Wide Span Analyses
  • Built-in Demodulators Enhance Analysis of AM, ASK, FM, FSK and PM Signals
  • Digital Demodulator Offers Affordable Vector Signal Analysis


  • Analog and Digital Modulation Signal Quality Analysis
  • Understanding Frequency and Spectral Occupancy Behavior Over Time
  • Capture and Characterization of Undesired, Unknown or Interfering Signals
  • Device/system Design or Operational Diagnostic Measurement
  • Getting Answers to Elusive EMI Problems
  • VCO/Synthesizer Design, RFID Device Characterization, General Purpose Digital Modulation Vector Signal Analysis, Spectrum Monitoring, Radar Measurements

Define issues and solve problems faster by characterizing your device, system or signal more completely and rapidly than previously possible with swept spectrum analyzers. Tektronix RSA3303A Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer captures many signals not viewable on swept spectrum analyzers by seamlessly capturing and storing a span of RF frequencies all at one time. Once a signal is captured it can be viewed simultaneously and analyzed in time-correlated frequency, time and modulation domains. The RSA3303A instrument includes not only Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer fast-signal capture, internal memory and modulation analysis but also functionality and operation of a swept spectrum analyzer for looking at very wide spans, all in an integrated, transportable package.