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Tektronix RSA5103B-Factory Refurbished

Tektronix RSA5103B-Factory Refurbished

3GHz Real Time Spectrum Analyzer

The Tektronix RSA5103B-Factory Refurbished is one of our refurbished 3GHz Real Time Spectrum Analyzers.

List Price: $83,880.00
Price: $61,651.80



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Tektronix RSA5103B-Factory Refurbished Features:

  • Frequency range: 1 Hz - 3 GHz
  • +17 dBm 3rd order intercept at 2 GHz
  • ±0.3 dB absolute amplitude accuracy to 3 GHz
  • Displayed average noise level: –142 dBm/Hz at 26.5 GHz, –157 dBm/ Hz at 2 GHz and –150 dBm/Hz at 10 kHz
  • Internal Preamp available: DANL of -156 dBm/Hz at 26.5 GHz, -167 dBm/Hz at 2 GHz
  • Phase noise: –113 dBc/Hz at 1 GHz and –134 dBc/Hz at 10 MHz carrier frequency, 10 kHz offset
  • High-speed sweeps with high resolution and low noise: 1 GHz sweeps at 10 kHz RBW in <1 second
  • Real time spurious free dynamic range of 80 dB with HD options


  • Wideband radar and pulsed RF signals
  • Frequency agile communications
  • Broadband satellite and microwave backhaul links
  • Education
  • Long Term Evolution (LTE), Cellular

The RSA5103B-Factory Refurbished Real Time Signal Analyzer replaces conventional instruments, offering the measurement confidence and functionality you demand for everyday tasks. The RSA5103B-Factory Refurbished offers industry-leading real time specifications and includes best minimum signal duration for 100% probability of intercept and best real time dynamic range.

With the RSA5103B-Factory Refurbished, you get the functionality of a high performance spectrum analyzer, wideband vector signal analyzer, and the unique trigger-capture-analyze capability of a real-time spectrum analyzer – all in a single package.