Tektronix RSA6114A

Tektronix RSA6114A 9 kHz - 14 GHz Real Time Spectrum Analyzer

9 kHz - 14 GHz Real Time Spectrum Analyzer

The Tektronix RSA6114A is one of our refurbished Real Time Spectrum Analyzers.

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1, 110, 2, 20, 21, 5, 6 $49,686.00



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Tektronix RSA6114A Features:

  • DPX Spectrum Processing Provides an Intuitive Understanding of Time-varying RF Signals with Color Graded Displays Based on Frequency of Occurrence
  • Revolutionary DPX Displays Transients with over 48,000 Spectrum Measurements per Second
  • Tektronix Exclusive 40 MHz and 110 MHz Frequency Mask Triggers (FMT) Offer Easy Event-based Capture of Transient RF Signals by Triggering on any Change in the Frequency Domain
  • All Signals in Up to 110 MHz Spans are Captured into Memory
  • Up to 1.7 s Acquisition Length at 110 MHz Bandwidth Provides Complete Analysis Over Time Without Making Multiple Acquisitions
  • 6.2 GHz and 14 GHz Models Available
  • Fully Pre-selected and Image-free at all times for Full Dynamic Range at any Capture Bandwidth
  • Interfaces with TekConnect Probes for RF Probing

The Tektronix RSA6114A Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer (RTSA) can be set to trigger on the event, capture a contiguous time record of changing RF events and perform time-correlated analysis in all domains. You get the functionality of a wide-band vector signal analyzer, a spectrum analyzer and the unique trigger-capture-analyze capability of a Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer — all in a single package.

Tektronix RSA6114A - Option Descriptions

Option Item Description
1 Internal Preamplifier-3 GHz
110 110 MHz Capture Bandwith
2 1 GB Memory Frequency Mask Trigger
20 Advanced Signal Analysis
21 General Purpose Digital Modulation Analysis
5 Digital IQ Output and 500 MHz Analog IF Output Analysis
6 Removable Hard Drive