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Tektronix TCA-BNC-Factory Refurbished

Tektronix TCA-BNC-Factory Refurbished

BNC Adapter

The Tektronix TCA-BNC-Factory Refurbished is one of our Factory Refurbished TCA-BNC-Factory Refurbished Adapters.

List Price: $437.00
Price: $363.58



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TekConnect TCA Series BNC adapter expands the functionality of Tektronix high-performance oscilloscopes by providing less signal distortion and better performance than traditional connections.

Use this adapter to allow Tektronix's TDS7000, CSA7000 and TDS6000 Series TekConnect oscilloscopes to be used with TEKPROBE BNC 50 ohm accessories up to 4GHZ or with direct 50 ohm signal inputs.

Please note 50 ohm oscilloscope probes that do not have TEKPROBE interface may require the 1103 power supply.

Tektronix TCA-BNC-Factory Refurbished Features:

  • DC to ≥4 GHz (Instrument Dependent)
  • 50Ω Input (Only)
  • Probe Control TEKPROBE BNC (50 Ω)
    Standard with TDS7154 and TDS7254


  • Verification, Characterization and Debug of Sophisticated Designs in Communications, Computer, and Semiconductor Electronics Environments, Such As:
    • Jitter and Timing Analysis (Computer Systems)
    • Disk Drive Analysis
    • Investigation of Transient Phenomena
    • Spectral Analysis
    • Power Supplies/Inverters (Switching and Linear)
    • Semiconductor Devices (SCRs, IGBTs, FETs, CMOS)
    • Electronic Ballasts
    • Industrial/Consumer Electronics
    • Mobile Communications (Phone, Satellite, Relay Stations)
      Motor Drives
    • Transportation Systems (Electronic Vehicles, Electric Trains, Locomotives, Avionics)