Tektronix TDS3FFT

Tektronix TDS3FFT FFT Application Module

FFT Application Module

The Tektronix TDS3FFT is one of our refurbished FFT Application Modules.

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Tektronix TDS3FFT Features:

  • The TDS3FFT application module provides the following features:
  • FFT Windows; Four FFT windows (Rectangular, Hamming, Hanning and Blackman-Harris) let you match the optimum window to the signal you are analyzing
  • Analyze repetive, single-shot and stored waveforms: An FFT waveform on any actively-acquired signal, last acquired signal or signal stored in the reference memory can be displayed The FFT vertical graticule can be set to either dB or linear rms
  • Time signals and FFT waveforms can be shown on the display at the same time. This helps in the quick analysis of circuit or system problems