Tektronix TLA7PG2

Tektronix TLA7PG2 Pattern Generator Module

Pattern Generator Module

The Tektronix TLA7PG2 is a used Pattern Generator Module that features 64 channels and supports up to a 268 MHz clock rate for data output.

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The Tektronix TLA7PG2 is made compatible with numerous voltage levels and technologies through the use of external pattern generator probes.

  • Digital Hardware Verification and Debug

  • Digital Hardware Simulation and Debug


  • 64 Channel Modules with up to 2 Mb Vector Depth

  • Up to 268 MHz Clock Rate

  • Supports TTL/CMOS, ECL, PECL/LVPECL, LVDS, LVCMOS Standard Logic Levels

  • Variable Probe for Supporting Variable Voltage Levels and Delay of Two Channels for Functional Verification

  • Pattern Sequencing Control of Vector Output Allows Flexible Definition of Complex Events

  • Works with all TLA700 Series Logic Analyzer Mainframes