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Tektronix TPS2PWR1-Factory Refurbished

Tektronix TPS2PWR1-Factory Refurbished

Power Measurement and Analysis Software

The Tektronix TPS2PWR1-Factory Refurbished is a Power Measurement and Analysis Software.
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Price: $588.00



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As an industrial power designer or technician, you must perform a range of power-specific measurements to develop, test, and race products to market. The Tektronix TPS2000 Series oscilloscopes, when equipped with Tektronix TPS2PWR1-Factory Refurbished power measurement and analysis software, allows you to optimize your productivity by reducing your development and test time with a broad range of power-specific measurements, such as switching loss (including turn-on, turn-off, and conduction losses), harmonic distortion measurements to the 50th harmonic, and dv/dt and di/dt cursor measurements. Use a single instrument to make an array of measurements – from measuring high voltages*1 and high currents to debugging control circuits.
  • Improve efficiency of power designs with switching loss measurements including turn-on, turn-off and conduction losses

  • Reduce test time with harmonic measurements to the 50th harmonic

  • Eliminate manual calculations with automated power analysis, waveform analysis and phase analysis with true power, reactive power, power factor, crest factor, phase relationships

  • Reduce measurement time with dv/dt and di/dt cursors