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Tektronix TSG1001

Tektronix TSG1001 Programmable TV Generator

Programmable TV Generator

The Tektronix TSG1001 is one of our refurbished Programmable TV Generators.

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Tektronix TSG1001 Features:

  • Multiformat, Programmable Test Signal Generator
  • Programmable Zone Plate Generator
  • SDP 1000 Signal Development Package
  • PC Based Software Program
  • Waveform Editing and Creation
  • PC to Generator Test Signal Downloads
  • SMPTE/EBU, Betacam, MII, NTSC Analog, NTSC Composite Digital, CCIR 601 Component Digital, and HDTV Test Signal Libraries
  • Internal or External Clock Operation
  • 10-Bit Signal Generation
  • 30 MHz Bandwidth
  • Analog and Parallel Digital Test Signal Outputs
  • Battery Backup for RAM Signal Memory
  • Programmable Trigger Function for Waveform analysis
  • Operates with PSC 1125 to Provide SMPTE 292M Serial Component HDTV Output
  • Research and Development