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Tektronix TSG11

Tektronix TSG11 Color Bar Generator Plug-In

Color Bar Generator Plug-In

The Tektronix TSG11 is a used Color Bar Generator Plug-In.

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The Tektronix TSG11 Color Bar Generator Plug-in provides high-quality full field and split field color bars for the 1411 PAL Generator Mainframe. The unit operates independently from any other test signal installed in the mainframe with generator card sets. Its output is available simultaneously with all other test signal outputs. One of the sync pulse generators must be installed in the mainframe to drive the Tektronix TSG11.

  • Fixed Full Field

  • Full Field with switchable components

  • 75% or 100% amplitude

  • Split field/Y reference

  • Split field/Red

  • Split field bars/bars reversed