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Tektronix TSG200

Tektronix TSG200 NTSC Signal Generator

NTSC Signal Generator

The Tektronix TSG200 is one of our refurbished NTSC Signal Generators.

Price: $50.00

Refurbished In Stock


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Tektronix TSG200 Features:

  • SMPTE color bars
  • Convergence
  • NTC 7 composite
  • Multiburst
  • 5-step staircase
  • Black burst NTSC Test Signals
  • Multiple Black Burst Outputs
  • Character Identification Positionable Within the Active Field
  • Tape Leader Countdown with Visual and Audio Cues
  • Stereo Audio Tone with Channel One Identification
  • 12 V DC Input
  • Remote Control
  • Small Production System SPG
  • Color Bars/ID Source for Microwave Links

The Textronix TSG200, NTSC Signal Generator, provides six NTSC test signals. These 10-Bit signals provide for both studio production and first line maintenance.