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Tektronix VITS200

Tektronix VITS200

NTSC VITS Inserter / Generator

The Tektronix VITS200 is one of our used NTSC VITS Inserter / Generators.
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The Tek VITS200 is a full capability VITS generator/inserter designed for VITS and data insertion at the facility output point.

In addition to a solid basic generator/inserter unit, the VITS200 provides loss of program continuity modes, multiple inputs for external data insertion, VM700T compatible source identification and a text generator for full field and vertical interval message insertion.

The VITS200 also provides an eight-field signal insertion sequence for signals such as Ghost Canceller Reference (GCR) signals.

All operating modes and insertion programs may be easily set up from the front panel and saved in nonvolatile memory storage.

A full field test signal output with signal selection independent from the VITS program is provided.
  • Full Capability Generator/Inserter for Use at the Facility Output Point
  • NTC7, FCC, VIRS, and GCR Signals
  • Cable Multiburst and Sweep Signals
  • Four External VITS Inputs
  • Loss of Program Continuity Mode (Standby Mode)
  • Text Generator for Full Field and Vertical Interval Messages
  • Sync and Burst Regeneration
  • Full Field Test Signal Output
  • RS-232C and Ground Closure Remote Control
  • VM 700A Compatible Vertical Interval Source Identification
  • VITS Insertion for Broadcast Video Applications