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Tektronix VX4330

Tektronix VX4330

120-Channel Relay Multiplexer Module

The Tektronix VX4330 is one of our used 120-Channel Relay Multiplexer Modules.
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The Tektronix VX4330 120-Channel Relay Multiplexer Module is a printed circuit board assembly for use in a mainframe conforming to the VXIbus Specification. The VX4330 provides six 1 × 10 4-wire multiplexer (mux) sections. Each of these six ections can be independently configured under software control as two 1 × 10 2-wire muxes, a 1 × 20 2-wire mux, or as a 1 × 40 1-wire mux. In addition, each section can be programmed to connect it to the section above or below it to produce up to a 1 × 60 4-wire mux, a 1 × 120 2-wire mux, or a 1 × 240 1-wire mux.
  • 120 2-Wire Channels
  • 2 A Maximum Switching Current Per Contact
  • 220 VDC, 250 VAC Maximum Switching Voltage Per Contact
  • 60 W, 125 VA Maximum Switching Power Per Contact