Tektronix WCA280A

Tektronix WCA280A

Wireless Communication Analyzer

The Tektronix WCA280A is one of our refurbished Wireless Communication Analyzers.

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Tektronix WCA280A Features:

  • Multi-domain analysis enables fast, complete signal analysis in frequency, time, code and modulation domains — without making multiple measurements
  • Extended Memory enables 10 seconds of 3G and 3.5G signals to be captured, ensuring all the necessary information is available to make a complete analysis of the signal
  • Frequency Mask Trigger – Available only from Tektronix – Makes it easy to capture fast, transient, or intermittent signals that swept spectrum analyzers would miss
  • Fast and accurate measurements at the touch of a button
  • Spectrogram provides a revealing picture of RF signal frequency and amplitude behavior over time – not possible with a swept spectrum analyzer
  • Codogram provides a simple, graphical means of analyzing code power vs. time
  • W-CDMA Compressed Mode enables analysis of handovers between W-CDMA and GSM
  • ACK/NACK and CQI analysis for HSDPA uplink (Requires Option 27 and 23)
  • Differential I/Q inputs enable straightforward analysis of differential baseband I and Q signals
  • Fast measurement speed and exceptional accuracy improve production throughput without affecting yield
  • Versatile general demodulation capabilities ranging from BPSK to 256QAM, as well as selectable filters allow analysis of non-standard signals
  • One instrument, practical and useful every day, to cover all your spectrum and vector analysis needs

The Tektronix WCA280A Wireless Communications Analyzer was developed for designers and manufacturers of wireless communications devices. The WCA280A can selectively trigger on frequency domain events that no other instrument can trigger on, they can capture a seamless record of time synchronized RF or base band signal into memory, and they can analyze this data. This analysis includes correlating multiple domains, which allows developers to observe system interactions and behaviors, ensure proper operation, and rapidly troubleshoot problems with a simple test set up.

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