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Tektronix WFM601M

Tektronix WFM601M

Serial Component Monitor

The Tektronix WFM601M is one of our refurbished Serial Component Monitors.

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Tektronix WFM601M Features: 

  • Two 270 MB Serial Component Loop-through Inputs
  • Real Time CRT Display Suitable for Live Monitoring
  • Waveform Parade and Overlay Displays
  • Waveform Display in RGB or Y-PB-PR Levels
  • Bright Line Select Display
  • Component Vector Display
  • Tektronix Lightning, Bowtie and Diamond Displays
  • Picture Display of Y Channel
  • Identification of Embedded Audio Channels
  • RGB or Y-PB-PR Analog Picture Monitor Outputs
  • Switched 270 MB Serial Component Picture Monitor Output
  • Waveform Cursors and Markers
  • SMPTE RP-165 Digital Error Detection and Reporting
  • Tektronix Arrowhead Display of NTSC/PAL Gamut Limit