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Telonic TTF-2250-5-5EE

Telonic TTF-2250-5-5EE

Direct Reading Tunable BPFL, 1500-3000 MHz, 5% 3 dB bw, N(f/f)

The Telonic TTF-2250-5-5EE is a used Direct Reading Tunable BPFL, 1500-3000 MHz, 5% 3 dB bw, N(f/f).
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Product Overview:

Telonic Berkeley, Inc. Tunable Bandpass and Bandstop Filters set the industry standard
for performance, quality, and versatility. Covering HF, VHF, UHF, L-Band, and S-Band,
we offer the broadest tuning range available in the world.

Tunable Bandpass Filters are 5% bandwidth, 5 section, iris coupled, 0.05dB ripple Tchebychev filters.  Slotted box construction and air gap tuning capacitors provide the basis for the lowest available insertion loss and the highest rated power of any tunable filter.

Tunable Band Reject Filters are 0.1% reject bandwidth, stub tuned 3 section Tchebychev filters.
Extremely narrow bandwidths and broad passbands make these filters excellent for EMC testing,
harmonic and spurious signal evaluation, and noise figure measurement.
Buss Tuned Bandpass Filters are the test equipment engineer’s dream, providing fully automated RF frequency testing over as much as six octaves frequency range. Tuning times of 250 msec assure speedy measurement as the filters are stepped through the frequency range.