Teltone TLS-5

Teltone TLS-5

Telephone Line Simulator

The Teltone TLS-5 is one of our refurubished Telephone Line Simulators.
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The TLS-5 Telephone Line Simulator offers the most convenient way to demonstrate or test telecom equipment where central office lines are not easily available.

The TLS-5 functions as a virtual CO switch simulator, providing four simulated central office lines with two talk paths, plus an audio interface port, making the TLS-5 a versatile device for applications.
  • Features:
    • Four loop start lines
    • Two talk paths 
    • Programmable parameters:  
      • Primary/secondary telephone numbers up to 16 digits
      •  Ring cadence (distinctive ringing)
      • Off-hook modes
      • Network response time delays
      • Test tone frequency and cadence
      • Eight selectable ring waveforms 
      • Line attenuation
      • Forced disconnect
    • Dial up test tones
    • Hot line ringdown - Automatically rings another station(s) when the handset is lifted. 
    • Precise call progress tones: 
      • Dial tone
      • Busy signal
      • Reorder tone
      • Ringback
      • Programmable call processing delays
      • Selectable response to non-valid numbers
    • PBX operations: 
      • Call transfer
      • Call hold
      • Conference calling
      • Hunt group operation
      • "9" access to outside line
    • Forced disconnect - Disconnects either the caller or called party after a programmable delay.
    • Audio port - Standard 5-pin DIN jack for recording or playing voice or tones.
    • Caller ID: 
      • Bellcore single and multiple data message formats
      • Type I (SDMF/MDMF)
      • Type II (SCWID/CIDCW)
      • Visual message waiting
      • Programmable names (CID)
      • Privacy blockage
      • Out-of-area calls
      • Transmission errors
      • Calling number
      • Caller nameDate and time of call