Topward 3302A

Topward 3302A

Analog DC Power Supply

The Topward 3302A is an Analog DC Power Supply, 0-30V, 0-2A.
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  • Output Voltage: Zero to rated voltage continuously variable with front panel coarse and fine voltage knobs

  • Output Current: Zero to rated current continuously variable with front panel current knob

  • Line Regulation: CV±0.01%+2mV; CC±0.01%+2mA

  • Load Regulation: CV±0.01$+2mV; CC<10mA @ 100W;<15mA @ above 100W

  • Ripple & Noise: CV<0.5mVrms @ 100W; <1mVrms @ above 100W, CC<1mArms @ 100W; <3mArms @ above 100W

  • Transient Response: <100µS to within 0.1% of set voltage (50% to 100% load change)

  • Output Impedance: <2milli-Ohm +2mH

  • Operating Range: 0 to 40° C ambient temperature

  • Display Accuracy: 3% of full scale

  • Overload Protection: Automatic crossover from CV to CC mode

  • Series Connection: Different models can be chained to increase output up to 240 Vdc

  • Parallel Connection: Another same model can be paralleled to increase output to 24 Amps

  • Power Requirement: 100/120/220/240±10% Vac; 50/60Hz single phase

  • Accessories Supplied: Power cord; hook-up leads; instruction manual