Valhalla Scientific 2701C

Valhalla Scientific 2701C

DC Voltage Standard

The Valhalla Scientific 2701C is one of our refurbished DC Voltage Standards.

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Valhalla Scientific 2701C Features:

  • DC Voltage Standard that is ideally suited for:
    •  7 1/2-digit DMM calibration
    • thermocouple simulation
    • A/D converter limearity tests
    • virtually any accurate direct voltage application
  • Provides DC voltages accurate to:
    • 8 ppm
  • DC currents accurate to:
    • 50 ppm over a 30 day
  • Operated manually or remotely via IEEE-488
  • Light weight, rugged and portable, with 15 second warm-up time, the calibrator is ideally suited for both the cal lab and the production line.