Valhalla Scientific 2705

Valhalla Scientific 2705 AC Voltage/Phase Standard

AC Voltage/Phase Standard

The Valhalla Scientific 2705 is one of our refurbished AC Voltage/Phase Standards.

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LVO $195.00

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Valhalla Scientific 2705 Features:

The 2705-A New Phase in High Technology AC Performance Valhalla's 2705 AC Voltage/Phase Standard has been engineered to keep you in phase with todays' power, energy and phase angle calibration requirements. From a design and construction standpoint the 2705 is identical to our Model 2703 AC Voltage/Frequency Standard with one simple exception. A microprocessor based, plug-in digital phase control board on the 2705 replaces the digital frequency generator board of the 2703. The two units operate in harmony as a frequency master unit (2703) and a selectable slave unit (2705) to form the basis of an efficient and expandable wattmeter calibration system. 2703 master is required. Phase control on the 2705 AC is accomplished in precise 0.1 degree increments from 0° to 360° via four dial front panel entry or over the GPIB. Preset phase settings of 0°, 90°, 120°, 180°, and 240° are instantly available at the touch of a fingertip. Powerful, Precise and Fast Distortion Noise,Frequency Accuracy,Frequency Stability,External Phase Lock Capability

Valhalla Scientific 2705 - Option Descriptions

Option Item Description
LVO Limited Voltage Output