Vecima Wavecom MA4050B

Vecima Wavecom MA4050B

QAM Modulator Module

The Vecima Wavecom MA4050B is one of our used QAM Modulator Modules.
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WaveCom's MA4050B, digital QAM Modulator is a part of WaveCom's expanding line of digital CATV products. The MA4050B is a versatile commercial quality IF modulator for cable, MMDS and LMDS applications.

The MA4050B is a modular circuit card designed for use with the WaveCom MA4000 Series.
  • Card Features:
    • Standard 44.0 MHz IF output
    • Selection of data inputs including DVB parallel/synchronous serial, and DVB-ASI
    • DVB, DAVIC (ITU-J.83 Annex A) and DigiCipher II (ITU-T J.83 Annex B) encoding available
    • Selectable excess bandwidths of 13%, 15% and 18%
    • Internal Power Detector of IF output ensures ease of operation
  • System Features:
    • Local control via LCD and 4 soft touch push buttons
    • Remote control via RS232/RS485 or optional SNMP
    • Fully digital filtering and modulation provides the highest accuracy QAM output signal