Wahl ST2200

Wahl ST2200

Soldering Iron Tester

The Wahl ST2200 is one of our refurbished Soldering Iron Testers.

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Simple and Repeatable, the Wahl ST2200 Soldering Iron Tester gives you a choice of interchangeable sensors designed for utmost accuracy.

Wahl ST2200 Features:

  • MIL-SPEC compliant millivolts AC only test with pass/fail warning light
  • for voltage
  • Pass/fail warning light for resistance test, user selectable 2 or 5 ohms
  • Output to recorder: 1 mV°F, 100 mV/mV, 100 mV/ohm
  • Transient voltage spike detector detects transients over 100 mV
  • and 1µs pulse width
  • Built-in thermocouple connector for Type K probes, wire probe included
  • Function selection switch for fast tests without moving the iron tip
  • Auxiliary AC convenience outlet powers iron under test and
  • insures common ground with the tester
  • Comprehensive Operators Handbook with calibration
  • instructions and troubleshooting guide
  • ESD safe construction
  • Wrist strap tester verifies strap integrity