Wandel Goltermann IBT-5

Wandel Goltermann IBT-5


The Acterna TTC / JDSU / W&G (wandel & Goltermann) IBT-5 is one of our used Testers.

Wandel & Goltermann IBT-5
Wavetek IBT-5.
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The IBT-5 is a tester for the ISDN Basic Rate Access which is meant for the installation of ISDN equpment and accesses.
  • The IBT-5 offers the five following operating modes:
    • Telephone Mode: PHONE CALL
    • Error Rate Measurement mode: BIT ERR RATE
    • Test of Service Modes: TEST OF SERV
    • Call Acceptance Loop box Mode: LOOP BOX
    • Test of Supplementary Services (CFx) mode: SUP.SERVICES