Wavetek 145

Wavetek 145

Pulse/Function Generator

The Wavetek 145 is a used Pulse/Function Generator.
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The Wavetek 145 Pulse/Function Generator is a precision source of sine, square and triangle waveforms, and positive and negative pulses. The frequency range is variable from 0.0001Hz to 20MHz, and the frequency can be modulated, swept or dc controlled over a 1000:1 range by an external voltage. A calibrated 20 dB per step attenuator and 20 dB vernier give 80 dB control for a 1.5 mV p-p to 30 V p-p output signal. The unit also provides pulse outputs with calibrated repetition rates up to 20MHz. Convenient fixed amplitude outputs are available for TTL and ECL. You can select delayed or double pulses and continuous, triggered or gated output. Pulse width and delay are independently controllable.