Wavetek 146

Wavetek 146

Multifunction Generator

The Wavetek 146 is a used Multifunction Generator.
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The Wavetek 146 Multifunction Generator features a main generator and an independent modulation generator in one instrument. Generates sine, square, triangular, and DC selectable plus sync waveforms. Continuous, triggered, and gated operation all modes with a frequency range of 0.0005Hz to 10MHz in 10 overlapping decade ranges with dial and frequency vernier. Output impedance is 50-ohms. DC offset range is ± 10 VDC (± 5 VDC into 50-ohms); sync output is greater than 4 V p-p square (2 V p-p into 50-ohms). Voltage controlled generator up to 1000:1 frequency change with external 0 to ± 5 V signal. Dial accuracy ±(1% setting + 1% of full scale) for 0.001Hz to 1MHz. ±2% of setting + 2% of full scale) for 1 to 10MHz.