Wavetek 164

Wavetek 164

Sweep Generator

The Wavetek 164 is one of our used Sweep Generators.

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The Wavetek 164 Sweep Generator is extremely versatile, it's a function generator with full trigger and gate capability as well as a sweep generator with internal sweep and step sweep. It's easy to see that covering the frequency range of 30µHz to 30MHz will satisfy many of your generator requirements. Outputs include sine, square, triangle, ±square, ±trapezoid, ramp and stair step waveforms. For pulse applications, duty cycle, rise and fall times and DC offset levels are all independently variable. Single cycles or bursts of cycles can be produced by an external signal or manually by the front-panel switch. Output to 10 V p-p into 50-ohms for the sine, square, triangle and trapezoid.