Wavetek 171

Wavetek 171

Synthesizer / Function Generator

The Wavetek 171 is a used Synthesizer / Function Generator.
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The Wavetek 171, Synthesizer / Function Generator, combines a function generator and 4 1/2-digit resolution frequency synthesizer in one package.
  • Frequency range in the function generator mode:
    • 0.1Hz to 2MHz 1Hz to 2MHz in the synthesizer mode
  • Frequency range in the synthesizer mode:
    • 1Hz to 2MHz
  • Two simultaneous outputs with a maximum of 10 volts p-p into matched termination
  • The outputs are from 50 and 600-ohm sources  
  • Frequency control is by dial or digital switch
  • The output is continuously variable from 0 dB to -80 dB with a combination step and vernier attenuator
  • Can use digital control in the synthesizer mode with frequency resolution from 0.001Hz on the lowest decade range to 100Hz on the highest range
  • Dial control, in the generator mode, provides ±3% full scale accuracy with infinite resolution
  • Unit provides sine, triangle, square and DC selectable, TTL pulse and 1MHz reference pulse waveforms