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Wavetek 1901C

Wavetek 1901C

Display Oscilloscope

The Wavetek 1901C is a used Display Oscilloscope.
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  • That is made primarily for production & laboratory test systems which use sweep generator techniques. For these purposes, the 1901C has a number of standard features:
    • A Y-axis marker adder circuit
    • Vertical polarity reversal from the front panel
    • Automatic spot blanking
    • To prevent burning of the CRT phosphor
    • A molded graticule for minimum parallax
  • Other features of the 1901C make it good for many general-purpose applications where a large-screen X-Y display oscilloscope is needed. These features include:
    • A high frequency Z-axis amplifier, for pulse marker or gray scale use
    • Excellent full scan linearity
    • High vertical sensitivity (up to 1 mV/division)
    • An ultra stable, low noise display