Wavetek 2001

Wavetek 2001

Sweep / Signal Generator

The Wavetek 2001 is one of our refurbished Sweep / Signal Generators.

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The Wavetek 2001 Sweep/Signal Generator offers programming, versatility and an exceptionally wide frequency range of 1 to 1400MHz in three bands, can be used in three modes of operation; Start-Stop, Delta F or CW. Swept from end to end or up or down at any rate from 50 sweeps/S or 1 sweep every 100 seconds. Manual, triggered or recurring sweeps and the sweep frequency, width and output attenuation may be controlled by external voltages. RF output amplitude from +10 to -80 dBm in 10 dB steps and a 20 dB variable. Marker type is a birdy by-pass with provisions for six plug-in marker modules plus an external marker input (optional). The Wavetek 2001…versatility, quality, and ease-of-use!