Wavetek 29

Wavetek 29

10 MHz DDS Function Generator

The Wavetek 29 is one of our used 10 MHz DDS Function Generators. 

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The Wavetek 29 uses Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) techniques to bring you a full featured, programmable 10 MHz function generator with arbitrary waveform capability.

Loaded with features and affordably priced, the Model 29 includes both RS-232 and IEEE-488 (GPIB) interfaces for remote programming.

Based on Direct Digital Synthesis techniques the Model 29 provides excellent frequency accuracy (10 ppm over 1 year) and stability (1 ppm/degree Celcius) with 7 digit resolution.

Standard as well as arbitrary waveforms may be generated. Standard functions include sine, square, positive pulse, negative pulse, multi-level square, triangle, ramp up, ramp down, sin x/x, DC and pseudo-random noise.

For multi-channel applications multiple Model 29's may be phase locked. Phase relationship between units is programmable.

Operating Modes including trigger, burst, gate, sweep, amplitude modulation, frequency shift keying (FSK) and frequency hop provide the versatility required for a wide range of applications.

Nine complete instrument set-ups may be stored and recalled from battery backed memory for frequently used applications.

  • Specifications
    • RS-232 and IEEE-488(GPIB) interfaces
    • Standard and arbitrary waveforms
    • 10MHz Function Generator
    • Direct Digital Synthesis
    • 10 ppm frequency accuracy with 7 digit resolution
    • Multi-unit phase locking
    • Trigger, burst, gate and sweep
    • Amplitude modulation, frequency shift keying and frequency hop
    • Store and recall nine complete instrument set-ups