Wavetek 3001

Wavetek 3001

520 MHz Signal Generator

The Wavetek 3001 is a refurbished Signal Generator that provides high-stability signals to an accuracy of ±0.001% over a frequency range of 1MHz to 520MHz, selectable in 1kHz steps.
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Amplitude range 0 to 90%. AM frequency: internal is 400Hz and 1kHz (±5%); external is DC to 20kHz (3 dB bandwidth)
Accuracy of ±5% of reading + 5% at a frequency of 1kHz. FM frequency: internal is ±5%: 400Hz and 1kHz; external is DC to 25kHz when frequency vernier is not in CAL position.
Peak deviation standard ranges are 0 to 10kHz and 0 to 100kHz. Accuracy of ±500 Hz on x1 range; ±5kHz on x10 range.