Wavetek 4107S

Wavetek 4107S Mobile Phone Fault Finder

Mobile Phone Fault Finder

The Wavetek 4107S (also known as Willtek 4107S) is one of our refurbished Mobile Phone Fault Finders. 

Price: $1,395.00

Refurbished In Stock


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Increase Efficiency of Point-of-Return Testing Up to half of the mobile phones returned for problems are not really defective but have simple problems that can be fixed on-site. The Wavetek 4107S can put an end to unnecessary returns and within one minute you can determine if the mobile is really defective.

Wavetek 4107S Features:

  • Frequency Bands supported 900, 1800 and 1900 MHz
  • GSM DCS and PCN standards supported + Dual Band
    Transmit, Receive and Speech Tests
  • Handheld Unit
  • RS-232 PC Interface
  • Enables fast accurate fault identification
  • Separates faulty and no-fault-found (NFF) mobile phones to maximise revenue
  • RF power level accuracy < 1dB
  • Designed for use in service centres
  • Delivers intuitive operation and Autotest features to minimise training requirements
  • Allows remote operation and management via a standard PC