Wavetek 9100

Wavetek (Fluke) 9100 Multifunction Calibrator for Scopes

Multifunction Calibrator

The Wavetek 9100 is one of our refurbished Multifunction Calibrators.

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Wavetek 9100 Features:

  • DC Voltage: Zero to ± 1050V
  • AC Voltage: Zero to 1050V
    • 10Hz to 100kHz
  • DC Current: Zero to ±20A (Up to 1000A via current coil)
  • AC Current: Zero to 20A (Up to 1000A via current coil)
    • 10Hz-30kHz
  • DC Power: 1mW to 20kW (Up to 1MW via current coil)
  • AC Power: 1mW/mVAR to 20kW/kVAR (Up to 1MW/MVAR via current coil)
  • Resistance: Zero to 400M Ohms
  • Conductance: 2.5nS to 2.5mS
  • Capacitance: 500pF to 40 mF
  • Frequency: 0.5Hz to 10MHz

The Wavetek 9100 is a multifunction calibrator with a breadth and depth of outputs never before available from a single calibration source. In addition to DC and AC voltage to 1050V, variable Resistance to 400MÙ and DC and AC current to 20A (1000A via the optional current coils), the Wavetek 9100 delivers continuously variable capacitance values to 40mF and conductance values to 2.5 milliSiemens. It also generates digitally synthesized and phase-locked sine, square, triangle, impulse and trapezoidal waveforms, variable amplitude pulses to 10 MHz, pulse widths to 2 seconds, and duty cycles between 0.05% and 99.95%.

Wavetek 9100 - Option Descriptions