Wayne Kerr 3245

Wayne Kerr 3245

Precision Inductance Analyzer

The Wayne Kerr 3245 is a used Precision Inductance Analyzer that contains all the stimulus, response, measurement and computation facilities necessary for the detailed analysis of inductors, coils and transformers.

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NIST Calibration Pricing - $588.00

The unit combines in a single, highly intelligent and interactive benchtop unit, the capability to drive, bias, and measure inductances at a wide range of frequencies up to 300kHz. Associated series and parallel resistance and capacitances are measured simultaneously, and associated "minor terms" - Q, D, phase angle, ratio, DC resistance, and Z - are automatically computed from this measurement.

  • Parameters: L, C, R, D, Q, Z, Angle ØRdc Turns Ratio
  • AC-Stimulus Voltage (Programmable): 10 mV - 5V, 1mA - 100mA
  • Other Features: Stimulus Voltage and Current Display
  • DC Current: 1A max. Programmable, 20A x 3220A Bias Unit
  • Frequency (Programmable): 20 to 300 KHz
  • Basic Accuracy: 0.1%
  • Display: 7" Monitor, Parameter 5 digits
  • Controls: Soft-keys plus keypad