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Wegener DTV701

Wegener DTV701

Broadcast Digital Television Processor

The Wegener DTV701 is one of our refurbished Broadcast Digital Television Processors.

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Wegener DTV701 Features:

  • One ATSC 8VSB tuner input (F connector)
  • Two duplicate ASI MPEG Transport Stream outputs (BNC connectors)
  • Time re-stamping of PCR, PTS, and DTS information
  • User selection of input programs to be included in the output stream
  • One Ethernet TCP/IP control interface (RJ-45 connector)
  • One asynchronous data input/output (DB-9 connector)

The Wegener DTV701 Broadcast Digital Television Processor receives VHF/UHF broadcast HDTV signals and provides an output ASI stream for connection to a cable system QAM modulator. It will accept a broadcast ATSC 8VSB signal on the tuner input and produces an ASI MPEG Transport Stream output suitable for connection to a QAM modulator (64QAM or 256QAM). Programs may be remapped or selected for removal from the output stream.

The Wegener DTV701 is housed in a standard, rack-mountable chassis. Its front panel provides a user interface through an LCD, eight LEDs, and six push buttons The rear panel holds the ports that allow connection to power, incoming signal, and peripheral devices.