Wilcom T240PC

Wilcom T240PC

Artificial Cable Kit

The Wilcom T240PC is one of our refurbished Artificial Cable Kits.

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Wilcom T240PC Features:

  • Plug-in Line Sections w/ Lattice Network and Ground Path
  • Plug-in Load Coils w/Switchable Faults
  • Precision Networks
  • Compromise Networks
  • Switches for Connecting a Bridged Tap
  • Capacity for a Line Using 56 Modules
  • Means for Connecting Single or Double Split Pairs
  • Five Simulated Bridged or Grounded Ringers
  • Unbalanced Series Resistance Decade
  • Build Out Capacitor
  • Carrying Case for Module Storage

The Wilcom T240PC Artificial Cable Kit is an advanced concept in artificial cable kit design providing line sections which closely represent actual telephone cable sections, and including facilities which simplify and expedite the analysis of fault conditions on a cable when used in conjunction with the Wilcom T195 Level Tracer. Switches are included for introducing conditions which normally would require the removal of modules from an artificial line and then reassembling the line.