Wiltron 34RKRK50

Wiltron 34RKRK50

DC-40 GHz 50 ohm Precision

The Wiltron 34RKRK50 is one of our used Precision Adapters, DC-40 GHz, 50 Ohm.

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Wiltron 34RKRK50 Features:




  • Frequency Range: DC to 40
  • Connectors: RK(m) to RK(m)
  • SWR: 2.00
  • Dimensions: 5.8cm x 1.7cm

The 34R Series precision adapters provide a rugged, rigid connection between Wiltron instruments with WSMA, K Connector®, or V Connector® outputs and Anritsu SWR Autotesters and SWR Bridges or other instruments.
The adapters have an outside diameter equal to that of a Type N connector, adding mechanical strength to the test setup and making installation convenient and fast.