Yokogawa Electric FG120

Yokogawa Electric FG120

2 MHz, Synthesized Function Generator w/GPIB Interface

The Yokogawa FG120 is one of our refurbished Synthesized Function Generators.
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The Yokogawa FG 120 has been developed with the concept of a simplified architecture at a low price.

With the emphasis on the most often used functions, the concept allows easy operation and gives you the right signals you need in making evaluations. Direct digital synthesis is used to generate highly accurate signals.
  • Fully independent 2-channel outputs (FG120)
  • Output waveforms:
    • Sine
    • Square
    • Triangle
    • Ramp
    • Pulse
  • Output frequency:
      DC, 1 uHz to 2 MHz (sine and square waves)
  • Maximum output voltage: +/-10 V
  • Fully Programmable GP-IB Interface
  • Multiple Operation Modes:
      CONT: Provides continuous oscillation.
      TRIG: Generates a complete waveform any number of times specified (1 to 65536) insynchronization with the trigger signal.
      GATE: Generates a complete waveform any number of times for as long as the gate signal is enabled.
       DC: Generates DC voltages.
  • Five High-quality Output Waveforms
  • Maximum Output Swing of 20 Vp-p
  • Variable Starting-and-Ending Point of a Phase
  • Storing/Recalling Panel Setups