Yokogawa Electric WT1805

Yokogawa Electric WT1805

Five Input Element Power Analyzer w/USB, GPIB, Ethernet

The Yokogawa Electric WT1805 is one of our refurbished Five Input Element Power Analyzers w/USB, GPIB, Ethernet.

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Yokogawa Electric WT1805 Features:

  • Voltage Input Terminal: Plug-in terminal (safety terminal)
  • Current Input Terminal: Large binding post
  • External Sensor Input Terminal: Insulated BNC connector (option)
  • Basic Voltage/Current Accuracy: +/-0.1%
  • Basic Power Accuracy: +/-0.05%
  • Frequency Range: DC, 0.1Hz to 1 MHz
  • Voltage/Current Frequency Range (-3 dB, typical): 5 MHz (-3 dB, typical)
  • Sampling Speed: approximately 2 MS/s

The Yokogawa Electric WT1805 makes it possible to simultaneously measure voltage, current fundamental wave, harmonic components, and harmonic distortion factor (THD) in the Harmonic measurement mode, along with the conventional voltage and current RMS values in the Normal measurement mode. You do not need to switch modes and can measure all data at high speed. In addition, up to the 500th order harmonic can be measured for fundamental frequencies.