International Business Information - Placing an Order




Placing an International Order

Once you have decided to place an order with us, please send us a Purchase Order or Email containing:
  1. The Manufacturer and Model Number of the equipment that you wish to purchase.
  2. The Billing Address where you want us to send the Sales Invoice.
  3. The Shipping Address where you want us to send the equipment.
  4. Your UPS/DHL account number and what priority you want us to use. If you are using a Freight Forwarder, please include the company name, contact, and phone number.
  5. Contact Person's Name, Phone Number, and Email.

Once we have received the Purchase Order or Email, we will email you a ProForma Invoice with the expected shipment date and our bank details. We require Wire Transfer of the funds 7-10 Days after your receipt of the ProForma Invoice.

The equipment will ship on the expected ship date once we have received the Wire Transfer and the shipping instructions. If we do not have either one of these items, the shipment will be delayed until we receive them.

In some cases we will accept Credit Card payments or Net30 Terms.
Please contact your Sales Engineer to see if you are eligible.


Dean Frees
Dean is responsible for the test equipment needs of all our International customers.

International Sales Engineer

Phone: 1.847.468.8258
Fax: 1.847.717.6121