105B Fluke Handheld Digital Oscilloscope ScopeMeter


The 105B is a 100 MHz, 2 Channel handheld digital oscilloscope scopemeter from Fluke. A ScopeMeter is a portable oscilloscope. Take ScopeMeter places where you can’t take conventional oscilloscopes to test equipment. The Fluke ScopeMeter, from Fluke Corporation, is a combination oscilloscope and DMM – a reliable digital tool field service professionals use to measure complex waveforms and electrical signals. Test a wide range of electrical equipment with ScopeMeters, using the easy-read digital display to view data as the tool records it.

Additional Features:

  • Bandwidth: 100 MHz
  • Maximum Repetitive Sample Rate: 5 GS/s
  • Maximum Time Resolution: 200 ps
  • Number of Channels: 2
  • High-Contrast, Backlit Display
  • Continuous Autoset
  • Video Triggering, NTSC, PAL, SECAM, & Hi Resolution Video (line & field selectable)
  • ScopeRecord in 30k Memory; (Time base > 20 ms/div
  • Glitch Capture down to 40 ns
  • Time/Division: 5 ns/div to 60 sec/div
  • Volts/Division: 1 mV/div to 100 V/div
  • Pre & Post Trigger: -20 to +640 div
  • Trigger Delay: Cycles, Event, Time & Zoom
  • Envelope Mode: Min/Max
  • Gray Scale Waveform Display
  • Cursor Measurements
  • Waveform Mathematics: Integrate, +, -, filter
  • Measure Amps with Optional Current Clamps
  • Screen Memory: 10
  • Waveform Memory: 20
  • Setup Memory: 40
  • 5 MHz DMM Measurements & Full Waveform
  • Direct access to 33 measurements
  • Autoranging
  • Min Max TrendPlot with New Time and Date Stamp
  • Advanced Measurements: Temp., Current, RPM, % Duty, Pulse Width, dB, Hz, % Scale, Amps, Watts, and more
  • True-rms Volts
  • Diode Test (up to 2.8V)
  • Continuity Beeper
  • Waveform and Screen image transfers to a PC and Remote Operation
  • Signal Generator/Component Tester Output
  • On-line Help (information)
  • 4 Hour NiCad Battery and Charger
  • Allows you to measure floating from mains with the 600V insulated probes
  • Optically isolated PC/Printer interface
  • Information key to access on line information on all functions
  • Separate memories for storage of waveforms, instrument setups, and screens
  • Triggering includes external triggering and TV line selector
  • Continuous Auto Set for hands-free probing without adjustments to test the tool
  • MIN MAX Envelope mode for recording changes in waveforms

The Fluke 105B with ultra-bright contrast display uses sophisticated technology to provide 25 MSPS acquisition rate and 100MHz bandwidth. The 105B features random repetitive sampling rates of 5GS/s. Video triggering modes are available to provide both field and line triggering with a line counter and support of the major video standards.

The 105B has one button access to automatic measurements. From the Measure menu simply select the measurement you want to make and the ScopeMeter Series IIB automatically configures itself for that measurement. As the selection is being chosen an "on-line" assistance message appears in the center of the screen to let you know something about the selected choice. The information icon "i" also appears to offer full screen detail about the hook up and what the measurement will provide.

Once the configuration is complete and the signal is displayed, Continuous Auto-set takes over and tracks any change to the input signal and makes any necessary adjustments to maintain a measureable waveform display. Simply stated it "locks" on the signal and tracks any changes in that signal.

The extra large memory has plenty of room to store setups, waveforms and screens for future reference, printing or uploading to a PC for analysis. The 105B allows waveforms to be printed directly via the optically isolated RS-232 serial interface to Epson FX and HP compatible printers. The 105B allows the transfer of waveforms and measurement data to and from a PC, as well as remote control. The 105B allows screen image transfers to a PC for printing or use in documents. The large non-volatile memory allows the Fluke 105B to save up to 40 set-ups, 20 waveforms and 10 screens.

The 105B has video triggering modes including TV Field 1, Field 2, Line or selectable line number allowing you to lock onto video signals. The major interlaced video standards are supported including PAL, PAL/M, NTSC & SECAM and non interlaced video with line frequencies between 14kHz and 65 kHz.

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