1140L ENI RF Amplifier


Additional Features:

  • Frequency range 9 kHz to 250 kHz, up to 450 kHz at reduced gain
  • 1400 W output power (9 kHz to 50 kHz), 1100 W (50 kHz to 250 kHz)
  • 50 dB gain (nominal)
  • Front panel metering
  • 50 Ohm impedance
  • N(f) connectors, input/output
  • 115 VAC, ± 6%; 50 to 60 Hz operation

The 1140L is an all solid state power amplifier operating over the range of 9 kHz to 250 kHz with a flat gain of 50 dB. Its 50 ohm input is compatible with any laboratory signal generator, function generator, or integrated circuit oscillator. Any load impedance (from an open to a short circuit) may be connected to the output of the 1140L without fear of damage or oscillation. The 1140L delivers maximum power transfer to a 50 ohm load impedance, however, any load impedance between 2 and 800 ohms can be driven by connecting a matching transformer between the output and the load. A built-in true average power meter measures both the power leaving the 1140L (forward power) and the power absorbed by the load (load power).

More Information
Power1.1 kW
Frequency250 kHz
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